Craft Brewers Alliance is now Craft Brew Alliance

January 12, 2012

Starting today, Craft Brewers Alliance is now Craft Brew Alliance.  Our team is excited about the change, as it really conveys the blended colorful histories, different cultures, and shared knowledge of our three craft breweries –- Redhook, Widmer Brothers, and Kona – together as one team.

Whether it’s the unique interpretations of classic beer styles that is the signature of Widmer Brothers, the Always Aloha Island mystique of Kona Brewing, or the “pushing the boundaries” personality of Red Hook, we’re excited that our portfolio has evolved into these great beers and brands — which allow us to offer great craft beer for any beer drinking occasion.

But as different as they are, Widmer Brothers, Redhook, and Kona Brewing were collectively built upon a respect for being different, working hard, working together and having fun.  Today, Craft Brew brings together these ideas to simply bring beer drinkers a great range of beers and great beer experiences.

Those who know CBA will continue to experience our unconventional approach in all that we do, but we now have a new name and logo.  You’ll notice that the new CBA logo borrows elements from each of our brands and has an elevated “A” that indicates the power of our alliance, as the shared capabilities, knowledge and passion of the alliance are exponentially greater than any one of our three brands alone.  Still, we remain committed to satisfying more consumers, at more times, in more locations, through more authentic, distinct craft beers and brands than any other competitor.

Consistently defying the odds proudly makes us who we are.  Different brands.  Different stories.  One conviction:  Craft Brew.


Terry Michaelson
Craft Brew Alliance


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